What is a Charter School?
A charter school is a public school but it is an independent public school. One that is free from some of the regulations that may stand in the way of achieving educational excellence. A charter school is held accountable for how well it educates its children. It operates under a mandate for high standards and it must deliver. We were granted a charter by the Mayor’s office of Indianapolis and along with the Indiana State Board of Education they must approve the charter schools program.

Who can attend IMSA? 
Any child who resides within the boundaries of Indiana may apply to enroll in IMSA. IMSA is a school of choice and has no neighborhood restrictions.

Is there tuition charged at IMSA? 
No. IMSA is a public school that charges no tuition for K through 12th grade.

How do I enroll my student at IMSA? 
Enrollment is open to all children regardless of ability, race, creed, color, gender, national origin, ancestry, or need for special services. IMSA has a sibling preference policy, therefore siblings of current students at IMSA are automatically accepted provided there are openings in the appropriate grade level.  You may apply online under the Enrollment tab on the home page.

How is IMSA governed and financed? 
IMSA is a not-for-profit organization that has its own Board of Directors. IMSA is funded by the State of Indiana. There is additional federal and state funding available to charter schools too. Besides such funding, IMSA seeks federal and private grants and receives individual donations, which is tax deductible.

Does IMSA provide transportation? 
Yes. IMSA has several bus zones that cover central Indianapolis.

Is there hot lunch at IMSA? 
Yes, there is hot lunch at IMSA. Eligible students receive free or reduced lunches. All parents are required to fill out an application form regardless of their income and the Indiana State Board of Education determines their eligibility.

Will the teachers be certified teachers? 
By Indiana Charter School Law, Charter school teachers are required to be certified or meet all of the following criteria:
• Have a Baccalaureate degree in subject they teach
• Five years of experience in the field
• Professional development participation
• Enrolled in transition to teaching program

Is there a uniform policy at IMSA? 
In an effort to pay closer attention to academics, IMSA has a strict uniform policy. Uniforms are available to purchase through school.

What are the school hours at IMSA? 
School hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 2:45 pm. However, there is an Enrichment period for students between 2:45 and 3:30 pm

Do students pay any fees at IMSA? 
Yes, there is a $ 25.00 non-consumable material fee for the 2014-2015 school year. This fee is due upon acceptance.

Does IMSA serve students with learning disabilities? 
Yes, IMSA serves students with learning disabilities. Please consult the school for specific questions.

Does IMSA have a management organization? 
IMSA partners with Concept Schools, Inc. which provides instructional and strategic support to IMSA. Concept Schools has charter schools in Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri and Illinois that are very successful. IMSA has been modeled after these schools in Ohio and Illinois.